Meet Bobbie - a mum, a midwife and obsessed breastmilk jewellery creator.

Did you know, an average year of breastfeeding equates to 1800 hours. That’s a full time job! Women are so powerful and need to be reminded of that! What better way than a beautiful breastmilk keepsake that you can keep close always.  

As a midwife, many times I’ve witnessed women’s struggles as they establish their breastfeeding journey.  It’s rarely plain sailing!  Women have to tolerate discomfort & fatigue immediately after labour and birth….often with lots of other challenges thrown in.  It takes strength, resilience and determination to keep going.  This is why I sought a way to help women celebrate their breastfeeding journey.  Every journey is truly unique….no two are ever the same.  It is a truly special life event and breastmilk jewellery is the most perfect way to celebrate and remember the hours, the day, the weeks…the years.  It is a huge honour to create your special breastmilk keepsake.

Learn more about the process of ordering breastmilk jewellery and how to get your milk to me in my FAQ’s here

Bobbie from Midwife Balance

"Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her baby, and the earth." - Pamela K. Wiggins

Breastfeeding is a mother’s silent declaration that she will always put her child’s needs before her own

Breastfeeding women are doing so much more than ‘just feeding their child’. 

Breastfeeding women are changing the world through their contributions to public health, environmental sustainability, family well-being, gender empowerment, and more. Their choices and efforts create a ripple effect that positively impacts individuals, communities, and societies on a global scale.

Let’s celebrate breastfeeding women!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or would like more info.  I always love to hear from you.

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