Midwife Balance Brain


Combining hypnotherapy and pregnancy or postpartum massage is the ultimate relaxing and transformative experience. Hypno-massage is an effective approach to many common pregnancy ailments including anxiety, fear of birth, stress, nausea, headaches and high blood pressure. Pregnancy is emotionally and physically draining so self-care is extremely important at this time.

This is an evidence-based approach with proven results. often just a session or two is all that is needed to make a real difference to the way you are feeling about a specific issue.

When you are assisted into an ultra-relaxed yet highly alert state (known as trance or hypnosis), your subconscious mind is easily accessible and open to suggestions. If these gentle suggestions are made at the right time and in the correct way, deeply profound changes can be made.

During a pregnancy massage, you are automatically in a very relaxed state so we are already halfway there and that is why these two modes of therapy work so harmoniously. It is like they belong together and I have seen some amazing results using this approach.

A full session is approximately 2 hours long and is tailored specifically to you and your presenting problem. A hypno-massage will leave you feeling restored, refreshed and rebalanced’

If you are experiencing new symptoms please seek advice from your care provider.