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Why pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life that causes major physical, physiological and psychological changes. Although it is a pleasant time for most women, for some it can be a stressful and anxious period.

Massage during pregnancy is a great way to take time out for yourself. Women who are massaged during pregnancy report fewer depression and anxiety symptoms, better sleep, less back pain, and they have lower stress hormones such as cortisol.

Massage therapy involves manipulation of the soft tissues of the body through pressure and movement and provides an alternative intervention for treating prenatal depression and the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. It is also known to improve perinatal outcomes. 

Pregnancy takes a toll...

… not only on your emotional well-being but also on your physical health and can have a significant impact on your everyday activities.

The occurrence of back pain, for example, occurs in up to 81% of women. 

Massage is a great approach for all types of back pain.  It may also help with other common pregnancy disorders such as ligament, neck and carpel tunnel pain.

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From the comfort of your home

All massages are attended in the comfort of your own home.  We will start with a general assessment of how you are feeling and identify any areas that are troubling you.  I will always complete a full body massage as this is shown to give the best outcomes.  However, your massage is tailored to concentrate on any specific problem areas that might be troubling you on the day.

I bring everything we need to ensure a completely relaxing experience that will leave you feeling rested, restored and balanced. 

I offer pregnancy massages on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Please get in touch to see if I service your suburb.

Massage is a great way to show some kindness to your mind, body, soul and baby.

Pregnancy Massage benefits include

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  • 90 minutes – $145

Includes 10 -15 minute assessment time.