Abigail Triple Stacker


Abigail is a timeless and stunning breastmilk triple stacker set.  It is made with quality craftsmanship and then enhanced even further with your breastmilk, placenta or with a loved one’s ashes.  You can use the milk from 2 different breastfeeding journeys in these rings.
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What better way to celebrate your beautiful and complex breastfeeding journey.  Shipping is free within Australia and you can pay in four interest-free instalments by checking the option at checkout.

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As this item is handmade, and due to the nature of the inclusions, it will not be factory perfect. All breastmilk, hair, ashes and placenta are different, so final results will vary. This is the case for all breastmilk jewellery and all jewellery made from resin.  It may not be perfectly smooth and there may be small bubbles and indentations.  I feel these imperfections just enhance the beauty of the piece even further! Colours and final results may vary from those you see on your screen. I will inspect every item thoroughly at every stage of the process and will only send something I am 100% happy with.

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Celebrate your awesome womanpower with a triple stacker!  These pieces truly make a statement – and that statement is, I am a breastfeeding legend!!
When made with breastmilk, this stunning ring is the perfect way to celebrate your breastfeeding victory. Alternatively, it can made with placenta or a loved one’s ashes for a celebration of birth, and life.
This is a beautiful sterling silver ring embellished with high-quality cubic zirconia. It is handmade with quality craftsmanship in sterling silver and is further enhanced with Adira and a dainty v stacker.


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I will require 5-10ml of breastmilk.

Turnaround time is around 8-12 weeks

I will let you know when I receive your inclusions. When your piece is completed, I will send you a photo to check you’re happy with the design. I provide you with tracking details once your item is shipped.
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