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As this item is handmade, and due to the nature of the inclusions, it will not be perfect, nor is it meant to be. All breastmilk, hair, ashes and placenta are different and so final results will vary. This is the case for all breastmilk jewellery and all jewellery made from resin.  It may not be perfectly smooth and there may be small bubbles and indentations.  I feel these imperfections just enhance the beauty of the piece even further! Colours and final results may vary from those you see on your screen. I will inspect every item thoroughly at every stage of the process and will only send something I am 100% happy with.

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A beautiful personalised gift certificate for breastmilk jewellery that can be used for a birthday, mothers day, baby shower or any other occasion.

This is a truly thoughtful gift that can be printed out or emailed directly from me to the recipient.

Available to use towards anything on my website.


$50, $100, $150, $170, $190


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