Breastmilk & Memorial Jewellery

Breastmilk and Memorial Jewellery rings

Breastmilk, Placenta, Ashes & Memorial Jewellery

Blood, sweat and tears have gone into your breastfeeding journey.  It’s time to take a little for yourself!

I LOVE jewellery. I can’t walk past a jewellery shop without stopping and admiring all the contents of the display in the window.  

When I look at my own jewellery, It’s almost as if I am looking at a photograph. The memories, the beauty, the nostalgia…

For me to be able to unleash my creative side by making beautiful pieces of jewellery that will in turn allow you to remember is a huge honour for me. And to be able to combine my creative side with my love for jewellery AND my love of breastfeeding and placentas is another huge bonus!  

It’s time to celebrate strong, resilient, powerful women!

Learn more about ordering breastmilk jewellery in the FAQ’s at the bottom of this page.

Breastmilk Jewellery

Breastfeeding is such an emotional time. Even when it all goes smoothly, it can still be a challenging new skill, particularly in the early days when you are recovering from pregnancy and birth and finding your feet with this wonderful new human.

For some women breastfeeding is a huge struggle. It may be the traumatised nipples, engorgement, oversupply, undersupply, mastitis, tongue ties or a host of other challenges. But despite all this, many women overcome all the hurdles and go on to breastfeed happily (or not) for months or even years.

I have met women who love breastfeeding, women that dislike it but do it anyway and I’ve met women at every point in between. It is a hugely complex journey full of joy, pain, fatigue, sacrifice and love.

To take a few drops of your breastmilk and turn it into a beautiful keepsake that will remind you of what an unstoppable force of nature you are, every single time you look at it, touch it or feel it against your skin….well that really is something special.

Because one day there will be no more milk – that is inevitable.  The time will come when your breastfeeding journey will come to an end.  Perhaps for you, that is now and that is why you are here.

I want you to take a moment to remember your strength…your perseverance….how you never gave up!  How you nourished your baby.  Remember all those moments when your baby’s soft skin was against yours, remember how your baby gazed into your eyes as they fed..and that beautiful smell.

Your jewellery will be your memories – encapsulated

I only need 5-10 mls of breastmilk which you can safely pop in the post.  Head down to my FAQ’s for more information.


Placenta Jewellery

I LOVE encapsulating placentas and my love of placenta encapsulation has grown so much that I am over the moon to be able to offer a new way to encapsulate.


The placenta is such a magical organ.  The only one that is grown to order.  And what an amazing job it does.  Working constantly to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your baby.  With your help, your placenta maintains the perfect environment for your baby to thrive.


We already know that consuming your encapsulated placenta has a multitude of benefits to help you sail through your postpartum.  It is packed full of nutrients, hormones and iron that help decrease fatigue and stress, reduce baby blues and postpartum bleeding.  You can also expect an abundant milk supply and energy levels.


Well, now it turns out your placenta has even more to offer.  Just a tiny pinch is all that is needed to create a stunning piece of jewellery that will make the perfect gift for yourself.  A gift that will remind you of so many things.  It will remind you of how your amazing body conceived, carried and birthed your baby.  A reminder of how your body knows exactly what to do and how your strength and resilience got you through.


Perhaps something you will wear with joy for many years and then pass on to the next generation so they can love it too.  


A piece of jewellery that encapsulates special memories and tells a story too.

Ashes & Memorial Jewellery

Ashes are another element that I am able to include in your jewellery. It is always such an honour to be entrusted with such an important task…
Memorial jewellery is such a beautiful way to remember a special person and keep them close to you always.  I’d love it if you would share a little about the person who passed if this is something you are comfortable doing.  Maybe in an email or a few notes enclosed with the ashes. That way I can keep them in mind as I make your jewellery. I will always surround your jewellery with good energy and positivity as it is being created so that this will in turn be a part of your finished piece.
I will happily create something from the ashes of a beloved pet too. All that is needed is half a teaspoonful.  Anything remaining will be sent back to you with your jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Memory jewellery is made with your breastmilk, placenta, ashes, hair, soil, sand or fabric.  The options are limitless.  Your inclusions are set in resin inside a ring, earrings or pendant. Colours can be added to give stunning results.

The highest quality jewellers resin is used and all my silver is specially created for Midwife Balance.  This is not just novelty jewellery.  It is a beautiful piece that will be worn with love often and will last a lifetime.

Almost all jewellery is set in sterling silver and clearly labelled as such. Some pieces are also available in rose gold or yellow gold plated sterling silver.
Some high quality stainless steel is also used for earrings. Any stainless steel used in my collections is clearly labelled as such.  It is the highest quality 316 surgical stainless steel and as such is hypoallergenic, won’t rust, won’t tarnish and won’t change colour. 

I have developed a special formula to treat and preserve your breastmilk so that it can be dried and ground down and added to your jewellery.  Milk in its original liquid form would not work as resin and water do not get along!  Creating this preservation technique has taken a lot of trial and error but has resulted in a process that works beautifully.  The metals used as mentioned above are the highest quality and only jewellers resin is good enough for this purpose.

It might.  All jewellery made with resin may change colour very slightly over time and all breastmilk artists should disclose this.  With good care it will be barely noticeable.  Good care includes storing your jewellery in a dark place when not being worn, ie the box I send it in…definitely not on the window sill as prolonged exposure to UV light should be avoided.  It is not advisable to expose resin to water, lotions or chemicals such as chlorine so remove when showering, washing dishes, sun bathing and swimming. I offer a 12-month warranty but your piece is designed to last a lifetime. With normal wear, you should have no significant issues.

The turnaround time varies depending on a few factors but currently eight to twelve weeks from when I receive your inclusion.  This is an outside estimate and many pieces are getting done much quicker.  I will keep you informed at every stage of the process and if I am expecting any delays then I will notify you.  

Just five to 10 mls.  If you are including placenta then just one capsule is plenty.  Just half a teaspoon of ashes is more than enough.

Breastmilk, placenta, ashes, hair, soil, sand or fabric.  If you have any other suggestions please get in touch and we’ll see what we can create together.

Your silver may need a polish from time to time. Use the complimentary polishing cloth provided. Don’t polish the resin itself as it may make it dull.

Resin should not be exposed to chemicals such as hand sanitiser, hairspray, washing up liquid, sunscreen or chlorine.  It is best removed before showering and swimming. Store out of UV light as long exposure may cause your piece to discolour.  Good care will see your piece last a lifetime.  If you regularly have your hands in water, a pendant may be a better choice for you.

Yes, a no questions asked 12 month guarantee.  If you have any issues simply send your piece back to me and I will replace or repair it.  If the piece you bought is no longer in stock then I will offer an alternative .

Shipping of your jewellery on completion is free within Australia.  International shipping is a flat $15 AUD.  You are responsible for shipping costs to get your breastmilk, placenta etc to me. I recommend using registered post.  There is always the danger things may be lost in the post so please don’t send me the ‘last’ of anything.

Your inclusion will be labelled when I receive it and the label will stay with it throughout the entire jewellery creation process.  There is no room for error with the safety processes that I have developed

Yes, for a flat fee of $15 I will post internationally.  It is your responsibility to post your breastmilk/placenta etc to me

You’ll need around 5-10mls.  Pop it into a milk storage bag if you have one, otherwise, any good quality sandwich bag will do. Please double bag it to prevent any leaks.  Take it to the post office and send it via registered post in a padded envelope or better still a packaging box.  Other inclusions are best double-bagged too. Remove as much air as possible so there is less chance of the bag popping in transit. You will receive the postal details with your receipt.

I have had breastmilk sent from several countries overseas with no issues.  Remember, it does not have to be fit for consumption.  It does not matter if your breastmilk spoils in the post as the preservation process kills any bacteria and makes it perfect for jewellery.  Old breastmilk out the freezer is great for this purpose.  Just defrost it first.

I’ll let you know when I receive your inclusion and I’ll keep you posted at each step of the process.  When it is ready to ship I’ll send you tracking details.

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